The Car Lover's Guide to Auto Accessories

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What Should You Consider When Choosing a Trailer for Hire?

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Renting a car trailer can be a great way of hauling equipment and tools as well as furniture or anything else as needed without the expense of actually owning a trailer, finding a place to store it and so on. When you do hire a trailer, you want to ensure you choose the right one and know what’s involved in its use, so note a few important factors to remember when you’re ready to rent. Read More»

A Quick Guide to Bull Bars

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From aluminium to steel, bull bars are a common sight on many off-road vehicles, but how you do know if you need one? When driving on rough terrain, it’s not difficult for an animal to take you by surprise and jump in front of your vehicle, but with a bull bar, your car or truck will be protected from the impact. Offroad bull bars come in a variety of materials and styles depending on their function, the vehicle they are designed for and aesthetic preferences. Read More»

Roof rack safety: How to load a car for trouble-free travel

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Roof racks are a simple solution to carrying luggage, creating more space in the car for you and your passengers. But it won’t seem such a boon if the rack or your belongings spill over the road, damaging your car and risking a nasty accident. These tips should give you peace of mind while driving with your roof rack. Check it over. Inspect your roof rack before you start loading it. Read More»

What You Need to Know Before Selecting Driving Lights for Your 4x4

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If you do a lot of driving in your 4x4, then you will know how challenging road conditions can be across Australia, especially in inclement conditions. Consequently, you want to see and be seen at all times and may be considering the addition of some special driving lights to help you achieve this. However, you may be confused due to the proliferation of posts on social media forums and not be sure what’s allowable in the regulations. Read More»

How to Create the Perfect Drive-in-Movie Car Interior

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Standard auto accessories and upholstery are mass-produced which means that when you purchase your car, the interior is likely to look the same as thousands of other cars you see on the road. If you have recently bought a car and you want to create a unique look, you may be looking for inspiration. Have you ever considered making your car into the ideal drive-in-movie automobile? Below is a guide to 3 steps you can take to make your motor the perfect place to kick back and relax while watching a movie. Read More»

Simple Guidelines on Cleaning and Maintaining Sheepskin Seat Covers

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If you want to purchase new seat covers for your vehicle, consider choosing sheepskin products. The material is cushiony and soft, so it will promote comfort for you and your passengers. The plush feel is particularly ideal if you suffer physical strain after driving. Sheepskin is thermostatic, which means that it varies its temperature according to the environment. Basically, the wool fibres will allow free air circulation in warm conditions for a cooler feel, and the same will trap air during cold seasons to preserve warmth. Read More»

How to Choose the Right Canopy for Your Trailer

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Adding a canopy or awning to your trailer can make camping and living outdoors more enjoyable overall. A canopy can offer you protection from both the sun and the rain, and also help keep bugs and insects away when you’re cooking. When shopping for a canopy or awning, you have a lot of different varieties from which to choose, so note a few simple tips for ensuring you get the right type for your trailer and camping needs. Read More»

How to Fix Exhaust Vibrations/Rattles in Your Car

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Sometimes exhaust gases in your vehicle can be produced in uneven flows. The pulsing production of these gases through your vehicle’s exhaust system can lead to vibrations. Minor vibrations may not be easily detected. Therefore, you need to be keen on the major vibrations because they can ruin your automotive, especially the major vibrations that can lead to exhaust problems such as loose mufflers, which can affect the efficiency of your vehicle’s exhaust system. Read More»