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What You Need to Know Before Selecting Driving Lights for Your 4x4

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If you do a lot of driving in your 4x4, then you will know how challenging road conditions can be across Australia, especially in inclement conditions. Consequently, you want to see and be seen at all times and may be considering the addition of some special driving lights to help you achieve this. However, you may be confused due to the proliferation of posts on social media forums and not be sure what’s allowable in the regulations. Read More»

How to Create the Perfect Drive-in-Movie Car Interior

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Standard auto accessories and upholstery are mass-produced which means that when you purchase your car, the interior is likely to look the same as thousands of other cars you see on the road. If you have recently bought a car and you want to create a unique look, you may be looking for inspiration. Have you ever considered making your car into the ideal drive-in-movie automobile? Below is a guide to 3 steps you can take to make your motor the perfect place to kick back and relax while watching a movie. Read More»