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How to Create the Perfect Drive-in-Movie Car Interior

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Standard auto accessories and upholstery are mass-produced which means that when you purchase your car, the interior is likely to look the same as thousands of other cars you see on the road. If you have recently bought a car and you want to create a unique look, you may be looking for inspiration. Have you ever considered making your car into the ideal drive-in-movie automobile? Below is a guide to 3 steps you can take to make your motor the perfect place to kick back and relax while watching a movie.

Cup and plate holders

When you visit a drive-in movie, there is nothing better than picking up a burger or a hotdog and a cold drink. However, the interior of most modern cars isn't designed to facilitate this kind of dining. Sure, there may be a couple of cup holders located near the gear controls, but these are often the wrong size or difficult to access. By investing in a range of custom cup and plate holders, you can ensure that you have a place to put everything when you eat. Custom cup and plate holders can be easily attached to the dashboard and interior door panels on a temporary basis using suction cups or screwed into place for a permanent solution.

Drinks refrigerator

While it is normally possible to purchase cold drinks at a drive-in movie theatre, if you plan on watching a long film such as Long of the Rings, you may find that your drink has started to warm up before the main action has started. You can solve this problem by installing a small in-car drinks refrigerator in your car. Custom car refrigerators can be installed in many different areas. Popular locations include the glove compartment and the central panel located between the gear stick and the main section of the dashboard. If you do not want to permanently install a fridge in your vehicle, you could opt for a portable mini-fridge which can be powered using the vehicle's cigarette lighter.

Restaurant upholstery 

If you want to create an authentic drive-in movie experience, why not reupholster your car seats using 1950s restaurant upholstery. The 1950s were the Golden Age of drive-in movies and choosing a classic American diner look can help to recreate the feel of that by-gone-age. 

If you are interested in customising your car, you should contact an auto accessories dealer today.