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The Different Types of Airbags and How They Protect You

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Airbags are an important part of any vehicle safety system. They are designed to protect you in the event of a collision.

This article explores the different types of airbags and how they protect you in a crash.

Front Airbags

Front airbags are the most obvious type of airbag. They are typically located on the steering wheel and passenger seat. In fact, most cars have clear markings that show you where the airbags are located.

Front airbags deploy when the vehicle detects a certain amount of force, such as during a head-on collision. They inflate quickly and cushion the driver or passenger from impact. The airbag will deflate just as quickly so that it does not block the driver's breathing space.

Front airbags have been shown to reduce the risk of death in frontal crashes by up to 29%. They are also effective in mitigating injuries to the head and chest in a collision. These airbags work by absorbing the force of the impact and spreading it over a larger area. This reduces the amount of force that is transferred to your body.

Side Airbags

Side airbags are a type of supplemental restraint system (SRS) designed to protect vehicle occupants in a serious side-impact collision. Side impact collisions are also referred to as 'T-bone' collisions. This kind of collision can happen instantly, and you might not even see it coming.

When a side impact collision occurs, the force of the impact triggers sensors that deploy the side airbag. Most side airbags are deployed from the door panel or the seat, and many modern vehicles have them on both the driver and passenger side. The side airbag then helps to cushion the occupant's head and torso, reducing the risk of serious injury.

In recent years, side airbags have become increasingly common, and they are now standard equipment on many new vehicles. Thanks to their effectiveness in reducing injuries, side airbags have contributed to improving safety on the road.

Knee Airbags

Knee airbags are a type of airbag that is designed to protect the driver's knees in a frontal collision. The driver's knees are especially vulnerable to injuries in a frontal impact. The knee airbag is typically located beneath the steering wheel.

When a frontal collision occurs, sensors detect the force of the impact and deploy the airbag. The airbag then inflates and cushions the driver's knees, absorbing some of the force of the impact.

Knee airbags are a relatively new safety feature, but they effectively reduce injuries in frontal and rear-end collisions. So if you are in the market for a new car, be sure to look for one equipped with knee airbags. They could just save your limbs in the event of a collision.

Need to Install Airbags?

If you want to install airbags in your car, you need to have a professional do it. Airbag systems are complex, and they need to be installed correctly to work properly. Airbags can actually do more harm than good with a poor installation job.

If airbags are not installed correctly, they might deploy at the wrong time or fail to deploy altogether. This can put you and your passengers at serious risk of injury or even death.

Contact a business that provides airbag installation to learn more.